Cazú Zegers
Cafeteria and Boat House

Cafeteria and Boat House

In front of the beach is "the whale" which was inspired by the whales that are sometimes seen at sea in that region. This allows to form a portal to the beach and the end of the great access avenue. "La Ballena" or "the whale" is the Restaurant-Cafeteria and also the Boat House, which has been destined to be the meeting place of the community.

IV Región de Coquimbo

    • Arquitecto
    • Cazú Zegers
    • Urbanización
    • SB2 Constructores
    • Director
    • Diego Sironvalle P.
    • Paisajismo
    • Teresa Moller
    • Recursos Hídricos
    • Sergio Smythe A.
    • Tamaño Loteo
    • 75 hectáreas
    • Área Comun
    • 16 hectáreas