Cazú Zegers
Hotel Parinacota

Hotel Parinacota

“We understand the hotel as this beating heart, which brings life back / revives / makes these cultural layers appear; by resuming the tradition of the native people of this place, with a contemporary look. " For the development of this hotel it was necessary to understand the original cultures of the place and their worldview.

The project consisted in locating a hotel in the sector of the city of Putre in order to build a tri-national circuit. This would connect the national parks of Bolivia and Peru through the volcanoes located in the territory.

The unbuilt Hotel Parinacota project is inspired by the ancestral terraces of the Incas found in the northern territory of Chile. It is from the imitation of the terraces that the geometric and abstract rooms emerge to make this link between the vernacular and the contemporary.

The Hotel has a first floor of continuous rooms and a second floor as a block which opens to the mountains of the sector, they also have their own roof terraces. The timber project sought to blend in with the desert colors of the territory in order not to impose itself but rather to position itself as one more terrace than those left by the Inca people.

"The desert appears to us as a silent space, erased by the wind, where the petroglyphs appear as murmurs trying to manifest themselves. Likewise, the pre-mountain range and the puna are sectors where everything is to be discovered." © ️Cazú Zegers 2013 - all rights reserved.

© ️Cazú Zegers Architecture - all rights reserved.

XV Region Arica

    • Architect
    • Cazú Zegers
    • Team
    • Gabriel Rudolphy & Ian Hsu
    • Poetic narrative
    • Miguel Laborde
    • Investigation
    • Yolanda Muños
    • Renders
    • Sebastián Daher
    • Year of design
    • 2013