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Hotel Chilco Lodge

Hotel Chilco Lodge

The Hotel Chilco Lodge, an unbuilt project, presents two versions for two different territories in the South of Chile.

Its first version proposes a spa hotel located in the south of Chile. The shape of the Hotel arises from the dematerialization of the chilco, a native flower of South America which grows abundantly in the territory. From the opening of the flower, the gesture-figure-form is generated and in turn the distribution of the architecture project program.

This non-built project seeks to connect four lakes located in the Aysén Region, with a location that allowed the vision of a river on one of its sides.

The small fishing lodge has four rooms which were positioned around trees, taking care of the landscape and the surrounding natural elements. The wooden construction had curved walls and green roofs that helped not to demystify the territory in which it would be located.

This project evolves and during the year 2015 its second version is worked on to inhabit the Huerquehue National Park. The non-built project adapts to a terrain characterized by a circuit of waterfalls and at the same time a lot of presence of the Chilco flower was also noticed.

The changes consisted of modifying the design from a single body to 8 separate cabins with a spa near a river. Each space would take the shape of petals from this previously dematerialized flower.


    • Arquitecta
    • Cazú Zegers
    • Equipo de Desarrollo
    • Gabriel Rudolphy & Ian Hsu
    • Renders
    • Sebastián Daher
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    • Año de Diseño
    • 2015
    • Status de Proyecto
    • No construido