Cazú Zegers
Casa Do

Casa Do

The well is immutable while the towns pass, it is a vertical viewpoint that points to the interior of man. Therefore, the intersection of two orders: the circular envelope of the Pacific, versus the orthogonal elegance of the top and bottom, generating a relation of full and empty matrix circle. But in particular they are submerged parentheses, whose void is transparent and the content, rings of overhead light.

Los Vilos, IV Región

    • Architects
    • Cazú Zegers
    • Team
    • Grupo Aira - Juan Pablo Almarza / Pamela Liddle
    • Client
    • Juan Forch / Francisca Vial
    • Technical Inspection
    • Eduardo Cortez
    • Structure
    • Architecturally seen reinforced concrete
    • Photography
    • Carlos Eguiguren / Cristina Alemparte
    • Site Area — 5000 m2
    • Built Area — 275 m2
    • Year of construction — 2000