Cazú Zegers
Del Fuego House

Del Fuego House

The fire, from the Latin focus is the home, the center of the Mapuche ruca. Heat in movement, symbol of the energy that shoots beyond the walls. Centripetally, like a spiral galaxy, persevere in itself, there is a fire in the galaxy, the galaxy is the entrance to the home.

Lago Maihue, XIV Región

    • Architects
    • Cazú Zegers
    • Team
    • Francisco Chateau / Andrea Pesqueira
    • Client
    • Carmen García D.
    • Structural Engineering
    • Ruiz y Saavedra Ingenieros
    • Technical Inspection
    • Francisco Flaño
    • Structure
    • Structure of reinforced concrete and oak
    • Photography
    • Juan Purcell / Cristina Alemparte
    • Site Area — 2.5 hectáreas
    • Built Area — 860m2
    • Year of construction — 1996 - 1997