Cazú Zegers


Cazú Zegers outlines a different take towards Chilean architecture. She searches for an expressive architecture, closely related to Chile, its territory, landscape and traditions. Therefore, the work developed by the firm is not designed to be a “finished work” but a “work in progress” that involves a poetic reflection about the way we inhabit the territory. In a way, these are “prototypes in the territory” (Monographic book, published by Ediciones ARQ on 2008).

She has a unique way of undertaking the design process, starting from the relationship between poetry and architecture. This concept comes from the Amereida Thesis (book published by Ediciones de la Escuela de Arquitectura UCV). This thesis states that Christopher Columbus was on his way to India, so he found America as a gift. Amereida invites us, the inhabitants of America, to build a new language with shapes that correspond to our “latino” heritage in an american world. We should accept ourselves as a new culture, the Latin Americans, and from this source, find a new way to dialogue with global paradigms.


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