Mi arquitectura ha estado centrada en la búsqueda de un lenguaje de formas contemporáneas adecuadas al territorio de Chile, formas que se confunden con el territorio, más que construir, la emergencia llama al equilibrio, al aquí.

My architecture is founded with the territory, more than built, the emergency calls to balance, the present.

1n2=3 EN PAUSA.

Time is both what passes and what does not pass, since it does not change its way of passing.

It is agile because it can not be caught, but at the same time it is a temple. This contradiction generates the dynamics. Every thing has its time, even a clock, a process synchronization.

The thesis of the territory enters in pause,
The thought or suspension of form is born and perseveres.

The Orient of the flow of water, of the emptiness and the migratory routes.

And the Occident of physics, the christian scarecrows and the balance.

Project with modesty, with what we already know, with all responsibility.

Energy is neither produced nor consumed; it becomes disoriented, passes from one force to another

Listen, open the study, look at the objective of the target,
And then hunt
The energetic efficiency
It is the best economy, this is how life is organized

To recognize the magnificent territory, is to assume the precariousness of being.

Beautiful roads, at the speed of thought, reach the destination and the origin at the same time.

Resonancias from Cazú Zegers and
Claudio Valdés Mujica